Our Inspiration

Our inspiration simply comes from our love for life. Not just human lives, but the lives of all individuals that share this planet with us. Our name, Life Loving Foods, has been created from this inspiration,

The importance behind plant-based diets is not just about animal lives, but human lives as well. It is well known that animal agriculture is the largest culprit of emissions on our planet. We cannot continue to sustain the natural elements of our planet with the amount of pollution caused from factory farming. Our goal was to create sustainable, affordable, and delicious plant-based substitutes that are true to taste for common animal-based foods we eat. We feel that we have achieved this important goal with our current products and will strive to create more so that we may take care of the planet we all call our home.

In a nutshell, we aim to make foods that manifest a love of life.

Our story started in France and has now expanded to the United States to help life lovers here enjoy the benefits of our products. Life Loving Foods has been producing plant-based substitutes since its inception in France. French cuisine is known for its high culinary standards, and we hold ourselves and our products to these same standards. We hope that you enjoy our products and join us in our mission to help our home.