What is it?

An easy-to-use plant-based dry mix that is delicious, versatile, shelf stable, and nutrient rich. Our mixes substitute animal-based foods ranging from meat & seafood. Our products bring to life our vision of creating sustainable & delicious plant-based food substitutes for animal-based foods.

How is it made?

By using the natural nutrients from soy, wheat, and pea proteins along with flavorful spices and other ingredients. Our products contain carefully weighed ingredients to perfect the texture of each bite for each category of our plant-based substitutes.






What are the benefits?

  • Delicious Taste – Our mixes contain a mouthwatering blend of flavors that pair well with any dish! The mouth feel of each bite will satisfy both herbivores and carnivores alike!
  • Complete Protein – Our mixes contain all 9 amino acids that are found in animal-based products! These amino acids found within the proteins are essential for muscle building and tissue repair.
  • Shelf Stable – As our mix is dry, there is no refrigeration needed! This allows our products to be stored in your pantry until used. No waste here!
  • Keto Friendly – Our products contain 4 or less grams of net carbs allowing them to be comfortably used in keto diets.
  • Low Sodium – There is no added salt in our mixes which allows you to control your sodium intake. Most plant-based products contain high sodium levels which is a cause for concern for many watching their blood pressure. Feel free to add salt or any low sodium salt alternatives to create delicious and healthy recipes with our mixes.
  • Superfoods Galore – Our mixes contain a variety of superfoods such as: psyllium husk, coconut flour, hibiscus powder, and flax flour, making our mix a superfood in itself! Your skin and gut will thank you, trust us!